Selling a Product with another
Question asked by info - January 23 at 10:49 AM
Is there an Automated way to automatically sell a product when a particular product is sold? 
for example, When we sell a prepaid Refill card, we must add $1.20 Wireless Commucation Surcharge on on a different line line,
so when we sell STOCKCODE A, STOCKCODE WCS must be added too. 
so if someone purchase STOCKCODE A, STOCKCODE WCS (auto added)
if someone purchased STOCKCODE A & STOCKCODE B, we need STOCKCODE WCS (qty 2) added. 
is that something that can be accomplished? i tried to use container and assemblies, but unable to get the STOCK WCS to show as a separate line with the price... (that's the law, and we need to show our receipt this way. 
Right now we are doing it manually. so when we sell STOCK CODE A, we manually ad STOCKCODE WCS to the receipt. 
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Mark Culos Replied
January 23 at 11:19 AM
Employee Post
You can investigate the Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) functionality as it may suit your requirements.
If you do use an assembly or container, you will need to modify your receipt format to display in the appropriate manner.

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