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Question asked by John Lange - 1/10/2020 at 4:50 PM
Thanlks Terry and your team for such a great application.  Been an Atrex supporter/user since the mid 90's however have not used it in a few years.  Tried to install my last registered version on my Win 10 laptop and version 14 will not even install.  I read here that it is not compatible.

ANYWAYS: I have started a new business and need the functionality of Atrex for my MOBILE repair business.  I really don't want to truck my laptop around the countryside and really looking for an Adroid App that I can run with data in the cloud somewhere.  Preferably the hosting account I host my website on.

I searched the term "Android" and see two posts asking basically the same thing from a few years ago and the response was, we are working on it.

Are you ready yet?  PLEASE

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John Lange Replied
Looks like one of those was from Me in 2017
Terry Swiers Replied
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It's still a (very slow) work in process.  With how complex Atrex is on the back end, we're having to rework a good portion of the package so that we can reuse existing code rather than trying maintain multiple sets of code for each platform.  Beyond that, the different platforms have different memory and object management requirements, so it's just horribly slow to make much progress.  We're currently working on splitting out the print engine from the main program so that we will be able to use the same set of code for emailing from within the mobile app as from within Atrex.   Unfortunately I don't have an ETA for it.

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