Purchasing Tool "Buying Icrement" Field
Idea shared by Richard Mast - 7/28/2015 at 12:45 PM
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Here's the scenario:
We price and sell screws by "each".  Our supplier also prices and sells them by "each".  So far so good.  But here's the snag...  The supplier in reality won't  sell the screws to us in less than case quantity.  Case quantity is different by the size of screw but let's say case quantity is 2000.  So I run the PO/Batch Creation in Atrex and it says I need 25,000 screws in this part number.  This gets put on the PO but since it isn't evenly divisible by 2000 the supplier has to decide how many I actually want... 24,000 or 26,000.
I could make sure Atrex orders in 2000 pc increments by setting up the Stock Code so that the "selling units to buying units" is 2000 and set the buying unit to "Box" instead of "Each", but this isn't how the Vendor wants to see it on the order so they end up having to convert everything to "Each".  This also makes a problem for us when the Order Acknowledgement comes through from the vendor and we want to verify quantities; we have to convert everything, too, because the vendor's acknowledgement quantities are listed by each.
Suggested solution:
Add a field to the item that would contain "Buying Increment".  Then when the Atrex "PO/Batch Creation" function is run it would check to make sure what is on the order is divisible by the "Buying Increment".  In our scenario above, the "Buying Increment" would contain 2000 and it would divide into 25,000 and then round up or down (could be set by a preference option) to meet the "Buying Increment".
Maybe this functionality is handled some other way that I am unaware of.  If so I would like to know.
Eager to hear your thoughts. :)
Richard Mast

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Mark Culos Replied
Employee Post
There is no existing function that meets your requirements so I have added your suggestion to the list for future consideration.
Assuming that you email/fax your PO to your vendor, I can suggest a workaround that may be suitable.  If you set the "selling units to buying units so that you are purchasing in cases and the batch PO creation can be used without user intervention, you can modify the PO report so that for such stock codes, rather than listing the case quantity and price, the unit quantity and price is displayed. 

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