Delete All Information From Atrex

Atrex is intentionally designed to make it difficult to delete data.  If you wish to start over, or clear out your existing Atrex data, it must be done from outside of Atrex.
The following instructions will permanently delete all of your Atrex data.  Do NOT continue with these instructions unless you want to remove all of your existing data from within Atrex.
  1. Close Atrex on all systems.
  2. With Windows explorer, locate the data folder that the older version of Atrex is pointing to.  If you do not know where your data is located and are running Atrex with a direct connection, the data path will be displayed in the "Options - System Information" function.   If you are running a client/server connection you will need to open up the database administrator to determine the path to the data folder from the server computer and then use Windows explorer on the server computer to open up the data folder.
  3. Select all of the files in the data folder.  Pressing Ctrl-A will select all of the files in the current directly.
  4. Right click on one of the selected files and select "Delete" from the popup menu.   Confirm the deletion.
  5. Start Atrex on one computer.
  6. Select the "Options - Batch Processing" function and click the OK button to begin the function.   This will recreate all of the data tables required by Atrex, but without any data.