Application Specific Password for Gmail

Google has recently started requiring applications such as Atrex, to use application specific passwords.  In addition to providing improved security, application passwords don't change when the Gmail password is changed.  

The following are basic instructions on how to create an application specific password in Gmail.

  1. In the browser of your choice, log into the Gmail account that you want to send email through from Atrex.
  2. Click on the photo, name or letter icon in the upper right corner of your Gmail inbox.
  3. Select "Manage your Google Account".
  4. Click on the "Security" link on the left side panel.
  5. Scroll down to the section titled "How you sign in to Google". 
  6. If 2-Step Verification is not enabled, click on the right arrow to begin the 2-Step Verification setup.
  7. Once 2-Step Verification is enabled, return to the account security page.
  8. Click on the ">" next to 2-Step Verification, scroll down to the "App passwords" section, and click the ">" in that section.
  9. When the "App Passwords" page is displayed, click on the "Select App" drop down, and select "Other"
  10. Type in "Atrex" and then click the "Generate" button. 
  11. Copy the generated password in yellow to the clipboard. 
Once this password is generated and copied into the clipboard, paste the new password into the email setup for the user you are trying to configure or the Atrex company information email settings.