ElevateDB Error 401

This error indicates that an attempt has been made to access a object (table, stored procedure, index, etc) in the database that does not exist.
 There are 4 possibilities that can cause this error to occur.  

1. Atrex is no longer pointed to the correct data location.  To correct this, use the "Options - Locations - Data Location" function to redirect Atrex to the correct location.

2. The Atrex data location has been pointed to an empty directory, or a previous batch processing has failed.   To correct this,  run the "Options - Batch Processing" function to recreate the missing objects.

3. You are attempting to run a SQL query that references a table that does not exist.  Check the query to ensure that the table names entered in the query are correct.

4. You are running mixed versions of Atrex.  If you have recently upgraded Atrex to the current version and converted the data,  opening an older version of Atrex on a system pointed to the converted data may damage the database and cause this error.  To correct this, make note of which version of Atrex is installed on each system and then close Atrex on all systems.  Install the current version of  Atrex on all systems.  Reopen Atrex on just one system.  Make a backup (Options - Backup/Restore - Backup).  After the backup completes, run Batch Processing (Options - Batch Processing - click OK).
(Applies to Atrex 13 and newer)