Error: "This program has been damaged"

Message "This program has been damage, possibly by a bad sector of the harddrive or a virus. Please reinstall." is displayed when starting Atrex.

This error occurs if the Atrex program is modified or damaged in any way.  If a sector on the hard drive that Atrex occupies is starting to fail, it can change the actual program and cause this error.  If a virus has infected your system and attached itself to Atrex, this will be detected and the program will not run.

There are several possible causes and solutions to this error message:

1) If the problem is due to a hardware failure, resinstalling Atrex to a different location will most likely cause Atrex to be loaded on a different area of the hard drive which will prevent the problem.

2) If a virus is present, you will need to locate and install an up to date anti-virus software package and clean your system before you will be able to use Atrex again.

3) If you are running a Windows 98 or ME system, download and install the current version of Atrex 11 from the Millennium Software web site.

(Applies to Atrex 11.x)