Add a logo to your invoice

The following are basic instructions on how to modify your invoice format to add a logo image.

  1. Select "Options - Company Setup/Customization - Report Maintenance" from the main Atrex menu.
  2. Click on the Standard Reports tab.
  3. Locate the report that you want to modify and click the "Save to Disk" button.   (If you don't know which format you are currently using for the invoices, use the Report Locations tab of the "Options - System Information" function to see which invoice format you are using.)  Save the report to the ReportWork directory underneath Atrex.
  4. Click on the "Custom" tab and then click on the "Report Designer" button.
  5. When the report designer is loaded, click the "File - Open" menu and open the report you want to add the logo to.
  6. Click on the "Image" button of the toolbar.  It's the one that looks like a picture.  If you move the mouse over the button, it should say "Image" in the popup description.  If you don't see this button on the toolbar, make sure that the Standard Components option is checked on the "View - Toolbars" menu.
  7. Drop the image where you want it on the report format.
  8. Right click on the object and check the "Stretch" and "MaintainAspectRatio" options.  This will make the image fit the size of the object that you set.
  9. Right click on the object and select the "Picture" options from the popup menu.  Select the logo image and click Open.
  10. When you have made all of the desired changes, click the "File - Save" menu selection.
  11. Close the designer.
  12. Click the "Load from Disk" button to load the custom report back into Atrex.
In addition to these instructions, there is a video on general use of the report designer in Atrex 12 available at and a video specifically about adding a logo to an invoice at .