Supported Atrex Versions

To try and achieve a balance between supporting older versions of Atrex and continuing to make Atrex better and easier to use, Millennium Software offers technical support for the current version of Atrex and the two previous versions.
With the release of Atrex 22, technical support is available for Atrex versions 20, 21, and 22 within the limits of the support included with your purchase.
If you are using Atrex 19 or older and are happy with that version, you can continue to use it as long as you like. But be aware that technical support, including paid support, is no longer available. If you require technical support for an unsupported version of Atrex, you can take advantage of the self-serve options such as the Atrex help files, the user guide, and the support knowledge base.  If you are unable to resolve your technical issue, your final option is to upgrade to the current version.
For more information regarding technical support, please visit our support page at
For information on the current version of Atrex and upgrading, please visit the news page at .