Atrex and EMV (08/14 Update)

If you missed the original news item about Atrex and EMV processing, you can view it at .   On to the new information...

The integration between Atrex and Mercury Payment Systems (MPS) is progressing well.   The new processing plug-in involves 2 separate integrations.  The first integration (PDCX) provides for credit card (swiped), debit card, card on file, and gift card processing.  The second integration (EMVX) is an extension of the PDCX integration and provides for the EMV processing using the embedded chips on EMV enabled cards.  
As of August 13th, we have completed the PDCX integration and have been certified by MPS for PDCX processing.    We are now working on the EMVX integration and expect certification for the EMVX processing by the end of August.  
ICVerify: First Data has discontinued sales and development of the ICVerify product effective immediately and will be discontinuing support in the near future.  The official end of life statement for ICVerify is available here.   As we may need to make architectural changes to Atrex to provide for EMV processing, existing support for ICVerify may be discontinued in a future release of Atrex.
Please note that this is the information that we have currently available and it is subject to change.