Atrex 15.50 Maintenance Release

The Atrex 15.50 maintenance release is now available for download from the main Millennium Software downloads page at .
While this is a minor maintenance release, it includes a small number of corrections and a few performance tweaks.   It is recommended that all registered users of Atrex 15 upgrade all workstations to 15.50 at your earliest convenience.   The full list of changes made to Atrex 15.50 is available at   
If you are running a client/server configuration, you will be required to update the server engine to the version 2.19 if you have not already done so with one of the previous maintenance releases.
After updating your Atrex installation to 15.50, please run the "Options - Batch Processing" function once from within Atrex with the Verify Database Structure option selected.  
If you are using Mercury Payment Solutions (MPS) as your merchant processor from within Atrex, please read the following section carefully as there are a few changes with regards to card processing that will affect you with this update.   These changes were required in order to enable Atrex for EMV processing ahead of the October 1st credit card liability shift.
1. You will be required to update to the current MPS plug-in on all workstations that currently have the MPS plug-in installed.  The updated plug-in can be obtained from your products page in our client center.  Please reply to this email if you need your client center login information.
2. Before you update Atrex and install the updated plug-in, please contact Millennium Software so that we can have Mercury update your account settings to work properly with the new plug-in. 
3. When processing cards card present transactions with a MagTek device, the processing flow has changed.  In versions of Atrex prior to 15.50, you would enter the amount, click the Swipe button, swipe the card, and then click the authorize button to send the authorization request to Mercury.  With the new integration method, the swipe step is eliminated completely.  The new processing flow is...  enter the amount, and then click the "Auth Swiped" button.  The customer will approve the transaction amount on the device and then swipe or insert the card, and the authorization request will be sent immediately.

If you are processing card on file transactions (which include cards entered via Hosted Checkout), the process flow has not changed.  The only difference for card on file process is that there is a separate button to authorize card on file transactions. 
4. In previous versions, every authorization request saved a card token on the customer record for future use.  Going forward with Atrex 15.50, only cards that are intentionally put on the customer record will be available for new card not present transactions.  Token information will still be saved with each transaction for 60 days in to allow for returns or for transactions to voided.
5. Information with regards to the cost and availability of the EMV devices will be emailed directly to customers already processing with Mercury shortly.