Atrex 16.01 Maintenance Release

The Atrex 16.01 maintenance release is now available for download from the main Millennium Software Client Center.
Atrex 16.01 is a minor maintenance release consisting of corrections for a number of minor issues to Atrex 16.   The full list of changes made to Atrex 16.01 is available at   

Atrex Subscription Users

This maintenance update is available to all users with a current Atrex subscription.  If you have a current subscription and you are running Atrex 15 or older, you can initiate the upgrade process to Atrex 16 directly from the client center, or you can send an email to
If you're unsure whether or not you have an current Atrex subscription, instructions on how to check your subscription status are here.
 Everyone Else
And for those of you who missed the Atrex 16 release announcements, information about the Atrex 16 release including the new features, requirements, and pricing, please visit our news page