Atrex 20 Release

Millennium Software, Inc. is happy to announce the full release of Atrex 20.   Our news page contains all of the details about the Atrex 20 release, including the list of new features, a video highlighting some of the major changes, requirements, and pricing,

Technically, Atrex 20 was quietly released almost a month ago, and we had been holding off on doing a widespread notification while we worked out a few initial release issues and improved the compatibility for custom transaction templates.  Were we also waiting for the supply chain problems with credit card terminals for our new integration to improve.  As it doesn't appear that the supply chain issues will be resolved any time soon, we're just going to keep moving forward and get Atrex 20 into widespread distribution.

Since the release notice was delayed, this notice will also serve to let those who are already running Atrex 20 that version 20.01 is now available on the downloads page.

Atrex Subscription Users

Atrex 20 is available to all users with a current Atrex subscription as part of your subscription.  If you have a current subscription, you can initiate the upgrade process to Atrex 20 directly from our client center.

If you're unsure whether or not you have a current Atrex subscription, instructions on how to check your subscription status are here.