Idea shared by Terry Swiers - 10/3/2014 at 12:40 PM
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Welcome to the Millennium Software Community!
In the past, Millennium Software has used newsgroups (NNTP) as the platform for providing user to user interaction. While this worked relatively well, the newsgroups didn't provide for the level of interaction and feedback that we were hoping for.
The new community software allows for much greater interaction between users and our support technicians. 
When creating a new post, you can now categorize your post as an Idea (suggestion), problem, or question. Each category has a unique set of statuses that indicate the progression of the topic being discussed in the main post. Depending on the category, the status of the original post can be updated by support technicians or the original poster. 
When posting problems or questions, the content of your message is scanned and possibly related Knowledge Base articles are displayed as you type, potentially answering your question as you type. Or if your question or problem is resolved by another user or support technician, you can indicate that the response provided the solution that you were looking for. 
For Ideas, other users can indicate up or down votes. So you can use this community forum as a way to communicate your opinions on the direction of future development.

Unfortunately we were unable to move all of the messages from the newsgroups into the new community message database.   But that's a small price to pay for all of the new functionality. 
We hope you enjoy the new community forums.

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