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Question asked by Jeff Beveridge - 8/16/2019 at 7:59 PM
Is there a way to enlarge the fonts used in Atrex? I have a user with vision problems and he has trouble reading the data displayed. The reports are not the issue just the general user interface (what I would call "forms"). We have Atrex running in Hyper-V so it isn't possible to just adjust the screen resolution. I looked through the various menus for about 90 minutes in Atrex and couldn't seem to find the option anywhere. It seemed to me that the settings for "Edit Local Settings" is the likely place where you would go to change font sizes but the documentation warns you not to change these settings unless okayed but technical support. He is running version of Atrex on Windows 10 (in Hyper-V). Thanks!

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Mark Culos Replied
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Unfortunately, there is no option to alter the fonts. 

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