Search for information in Atrex

Atrex makes it very easy to search for information using the main field of a table, such as by stockcode, vendor code, or customer name.  But sometimes it's necessary to search for information by some criteria other than that main field. Atrex provides for this kind of search using filters.  
The example below shows how to filter and search for a inventory item by description, but filters are available for Customer, Vendor selection, as well as most transaction selection windows.
When prompted for a stock code, you will see the following window:
The text below the entry window shows the available ways to limit the results of the following window and will change depending on where in the program that you are. In this case, entering just a single question mark and pressing enter opens up the stock code selection window and shows all items.
Entering in part of a stock code such as the letter C followed by a question mark will open up the stock code selection window and limit the list to all items that start with the letter C.  You can enter more than just a single letter if you know more of the stock code.
The one that we are interested in for this KB article is the entry of the double question marks.  The example above shows the entry of the letter C followed by two question marks.  This tells Atrex to open up the stock code selection window, limit the list to all items that start with the letter C, and then display the filter window to allow filtering the selection list by something other than the stock code.
The filter window looks like:

Most users want to search by description when using a filter, so this is the default for the stock code filter.  Enter what you want to search for in the description field in the empty box.  The default search type is to search by "like", which searches for the text that you enter anywhere in the description field, and it is NOT case sensitive.   If you want to filter on a different field, click on the "Description" field name and you will be presented with a list of fields that you can filter on.   Of if you want, you can click on the add new condition button to add another field to the filter, which allows you to filter on multiple fields.  Click the OK button to implement the filter.
If you are already in the stock code selection window, you can start a filter by clicking the "Filter" button in the upper right corner of the window.  You can also implement a filter on a field column that is displayed by placing the mouse over the column header, and clicking the small filter icon that is displayed when you move the mouse over a column that supports filtering.  A example of this is shown below:
Once a filter is activated, a description of the filter will be displayed at the bottom of the selection grid.  To modify a existing filter, click the "Filter" button to display the filter window again.  To remove the filtering from the selection list, click on the "X" displayed to the left of the filter description.
(Applies to Atrex 13 and newer)