Worldpay Integrated Payments EMV and PCI Compliance

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 If you process credit cards from inside Atrex using Vantiv (formerly Mercury Payment Systems) the following questions are designed to help you determine how the US EMV change might affect you.
Do you process card present transactions (swipe physical cards)?
No, my company never processes card present transactions.
EMV doesn’t apply to you.  However PCI Compliance and credit card data security does.  As such, if you are using a version of Atrex older than version 14 you should consider upgrading to the current version of Atrex in order to obtain the newest security features.  You should also switch to the newest Worldpay plug-in and make sure each system is assigned to a unique station number in the Credit Card Processing setup.  The new plug-in is available from your Client Center.
Yes, my company processes card present transactions.
Millennium Software, Inc. has developed a Worldpay EMV compliant plug-in that works with Atrex 16+ and a supported EMV chip card reader.
To become EMV ready:
1) Upgrade to Atrex 18 or newer.
If you have an active subscription, you can upgrade to Atrex 18, 19, or 20 as part of your subscription.  This process can be initiated from your Client Center.
If you are a registered user of Atrex 15 or older you will need to purchase an Atrex subscription in order to move up to Atrex 20.  This can be done from your Client Center.
2) Install the newest Worldpay plug-in.
The new plug-in is available from your Client Center.
3) Purchase EMV chip card reader devices.
At this time there’s only one supported EMV chip card reader device and it’s only available for purchase from Millennium Software, Inc.
To obtain a price quote for an Atrex subscription and/or for purchasing EMV chip card readers please send an email to or call us at 925-828-5892.