ElevateDB Error 1100

This error is displayed when Atrex cannot connect to the database server engine.
The error message is displayed in the format of   "A connection to the server at <ServerAddress> cannot be established (<ErrorMessage>)", where <ServerAddress> is replaced with the host name or IP address of the server that Atrex was attempting to connect to, and <ErrorMessage> is replaced with the actual socket error that was encountered.

This is a common error that occurs after the server installs a large Windows update.  If your server rebooted after receiving Windows Updates, rebooting it again will usually restart the database server engine the properly.
Resolving error 1100 mainly involves determining what is causing the connection failure.  The things to check and verify are:
  • Verify that the server engine is actually running on the server computer at the <ServerAddress> indicated in the message.  Open up the Administrative Tools from the Windows Control Panel and then open the Services manager.  Look for a service named "ElevateDB Server". 

    If it is present, make sure that the status is "Running".  If it is not, right click on the entry and select Start.  

    If it is NOT present, then the server engine has either been uninstalled OR this isn't the same computer as indicated by the <ServerAddress>

    If the server engine is installed and frequently fails to start after the server computer is restarted, you may want to consider changing the startup option for the ElevateDB Server service to a delayed start.  This prevents delays with other services starting, or Windows updates, from preventing the ElevateDB Server service from starting.
  • Verify that you actually have the correct server name.  If the server name is correct, use the windows command line to "Ping" the server using the address followed by -4.  On the window command line, to ping a server named "DBServer" it would be entered like Ping DBServer -4 

    Verify that the IP address returned from the ping is the same IP address that the server is using.  If it is not, then you have a DNS lookup error and you will need to use the IP address of the server rather than the name of the server to make the connection.
  • Verify that the firewall is not blocking the connection.  To do this, turn the firewall off temporarily and then try to make a connection with Atrex.  If the connection is successfull, you will need to add an exception to your firewall to allow the connection to the database server engine on port 12010 before you can enable the firewall again.  You will need to consult the documentation for your firewall for instructions on how to add the exception.  For version 16 and above of Atrex, reinstalling the server engine for your version of Atrex will automatically add the exception to the standard Windows firewall.
Different versions of Windows and different firewalls behave differently, so the socket error number MAY or MAY NOT be helpful in directing you towards the solution.   The most likely causes of the connection errors for various socket errors are:
  • Error 10049:  Incorrect name or IP address for the host.  Make sure that it is correct and resolves to the correct IP address.
  • Error 10060:  Server engine not running, wrong server name or address, or the firewall is blocking the connection silently.
  • Error 10061:  Server engine not running, or the firewall is actively rejecting the connection.
(Applies to Atrex 13 and newer)