Create Custom Label Sizes

All of the label formats were designed for a specific label layout or label size.  If you wish to print labels for a label layout or label printer other than those directly supported by Atrex, you will need to modify the template to adjust it for the new size or layout.
1. Select "Options - Company Setup/Customization - Report Maintenance" from the main Atrex menu.
2. Click on the Standard Reports tab.
3. Locate the label layout that you want to use as a starting point and click the "Save to Disk" button.  Save the report to the ReportWork directory underneath Atrex.  If you are going to print labels on a sheet of paper where multiple labels are on a full sheet, use the INV3001 format as a starting point.  If you are printing directly to a label printer, the INV3011 or INV3012 formats will be a good starting point.
4. Click on the "Custom" tab and then click on the "Report Designer" button.
5. When the report designer is loaded, click the "File - Open" menu and open the report format that you saved in step 4.  Before you start making changes, it is recommended that you change the file name by using the "File - Save As" function to rename the report file to something that you will recognize.
6. Click on the File menu and select "Page Setup".
7. When the Page Setup window is displayed, select the printer that you will be printing to.
  7a. If you are working with a label printer, make sure that you click on the Paper Size tab and select the paper size that matches the label that you intend to print on.  Click the Ok button.
  7b. If you are working with a full page of labels on a standard printer, click on the layout tab and set the column start position of each column. Keep in mind that the column start positions are from the left edge of the paper and do NOT include the left hand margin.
8. If you make the paper / page size smaller, you may need to resize or preposition some of the print objects on the report.  To learn how to do this, press F1 from the main report designer window, click on the "Contents" button of the help window that is displayed.  From there, read the introduction and at the bottom will be a link to the report designer Tutorials.  These will walk you though the basic steps on how to create, move, and position report objects.
The standard label templates shipped with Atrex have the detail section of the report set to a fixed height.  To change the height of the label, you will need to make the height of the detail section smaller, re-positioning or resizing the existing objects as necessary to allow for the shorter height. 
9. If you wish to test the label layout from within the designer, you will need to set up some test data to print.  To do this, make sure that you are focused on the design tab of the report designer and then select "Report - Edit Temporary Table Data" from the menu.  Enter a couple of stock codes and quantities into this temporary table and click the Close button.  Make sure that you post the entry into the temporary table by clicking on the "Check" button in the navigation bar at the bottom.  Once you have entered in test data, you can click on the Preview tab of the report designer to see how the labels will be printed.
10. From the design tab of the report designer and then select "Report - Properties" from the menu.  On this window, change the description of the label to indicate the printer and/or label format.  It is this description that you will use to select the label from the list of available labels, so make sure that it clearly describes the label format. 
11.  If you want to change the description of the template that is displayed from within the Atrex label printing function, use the "Report - Properties" menu selection to access the report title.   
12. When you have made all of the desired changes, click the "File - Save" menu selection to update the template using the same template name.  Or use the "File - Save As" menu selection to save the template with a different template name.
13.  Close the designer.
14. Click the "Load from Disk" button to load the custom report back into Atrex.  Once this is done, the new label format will be available in the label layout selection.