Cash Drawer Won't Open

Verify that the "Enabled" option is checked via the "Options - Customization/Setup - Cash Drawer Setup" function. If the option is enabled, click on the "Test" button to test the settings. If the drawer does not open, the settings are incorrect. 

If you know the open sequence required to open the cash drawer, enter it in the "Values to Send" field. 

If you do not know the open sequence for your cash drawer, you can try the following combinations. 

1. Values to Send: 0 Repeat Count: 1 

2. Values to Send: 0 Repeat Count: 10 

3. Values to Send: 7 Repeat Count: 1 

The Values to Send for 1 and 2 is zero not letter O. If none of these signals work with your drawer you will need to contact the manufacturer of the cash drawer to find out what characters are needed to open your drawer.