Move Single User Atrex to new System

The following instructions will allow you to move your single user Atrex installation to a new system. 

1.  From your old system, open Atrex and select "Options - Backup / Restore - Backup" from the main Atrex menu.   Save the backup to a USB drive.

2.  Download and install Atrex on the new system.  You can download the current version of Atrex from the downloads page of the Millennium Software web site.   If you are running an older version of Atrex, you can download that from the Client Center

3. Start Atrex on the new system and then enter your registration information.  You can retrieve your registration information from the Client Center.  

6. From the new system, select "Options - Backup/Restore - Restore" from the main menu.  Restore from the backup that is on the USB drive.