Carbonite Online Backups

Use of any "Live" backup option, such as Carbonite, on an active Atrex database is not recommend.  In order to properly back up a file, backup software must lock the files it is processing to ensure that they are not modified during the backup process.  These locks can prevent Atrex from either accessing these files or updating them properly, resulting in error messages from Atrex.

In addition, there are multiple files that make the Atrex database.  If all of these files are not backed up at the same exact time, one or more of the files will be out of sync with the others resulting in a corrupted database if you ever do have to restore the files from your online backup.  This will result in a corrupted database making your backup useless.

To safely use a program such as Carbonite, configure your Atrex database server to perform nightly backups and then configure Carbonite to back up only the backups created by the Atrex database server.   These backups are created in a folder called "Backup" below the actual database files.  

If you are not using the Atrex database server, save your backups made directly from Atrex to someplace on your system that Carbonite can back up, or save them to a external device such as a USB flash drive.