Incorrect or unexpected allocated, on-order, or RMA quantities

Occasionally, the Allocated, OnOrder, or OnRMA quantities can get out of sync with the actual values that should be listed.  To resolve this, run the "Options - Batch Processing" function with the default options selected.   Part of this process is the validation routines which recalculate these values from the corresponding outstanding transactions, which then updates the stock codes with the new values.   Please note that you do NOT need exclusive access to the database to run the validation functions.
If you have run the batch processing an you are still seeing a value for one of these fields that you don't expect, then the numbers are correct and you will need to actually clear the items from the transactions associated with the items in order to change the values.

To do this, bring up the the stock code selection window and highlight one of the items with a value that you need to correct and then right click on the item to display the popup menu.  Click on the appropriate menu selection to view the details for the value that you want to correct.  This will then display the information behind the values so that you can determine where the items are referenced.  Once you know which transactions reference the items, will need to edit those transactions and remove the items from the transactions to correct the values.