Windows 7 Compatiblity

Please note that as Microsoft makes updates and security changes to Windows, these compatibility statements may change depending on the effects of the Windows updates.

Atrex 20, 21, 22

Atrex 20, 21, and 22 will currently run on Windows 7 SP2, but there are some known minor issues with components and images not displaying correctly. Please note that compatibility with Windows 7 may be discontinued without notice.


Atrex 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 

Atrex 13 through 19 are generally compatible with Windows 7. 

The only known incompatibility with these versions of Atrex and Windows 7 is with regards to credit card processing.  Some Windows 7 systems security settings do not default properly to allow for use of TLS 1.2, which is now required for secure card processing, preventing the addition of new cards on file.   

Atrex 12

Based upon limited testing, Atrex 12.11 and higher is compatible with Windows 7, however Millennium Software will not support Atrex 12 under Windows 7.

Atrex 11

Atrex 11 may run under Windows 7 if it's loaded into the C:\Atrex folder, but will have access rights issues if installed under C:\Program Files.   There are a few known issues such as Ctrl-V (paste via keyboard) not working on a few fields and drop down listboxes not allowing for proper selection of options.  In addition, there have been reports of errors when attempting to perform backups or restores.

Please note that while Atrex 11 appears to run correctly under Windows 7, Millennium Software will not support Atrex 11 under Windows 7.

Atrex 10 and Older

Older versions of Atrex, 10 and earlier, are incompatible with Windows 7 and are not supported on that platform even when run in compatibility mode.