Error: "Error reading <objectname>.EmailSettings.ReportFormat: Property EmailSettings does not exist"

"Error reading <objectname>.EmailSettings.ReportFormat: Property EmailSettings does not exist" is displayed when attempting to load a custom report into Atrex or the report designer.

This error is caused by attempting to load a report that was created in Atrex 12 into Atrex 11.  While the report dsigner is backwards compatible and can read reports from older versions, read a report from a newer version of Atrex into an older version of Atrex.

There are two workarounds to this issue.

1. Recustomize the report using Atrex 11 using a Atrex 11 report format as your starting point.

2. Upgrade to the current version of Atrex.

(Applies to Atrex 11.x)