Error: DBISAM Error 10010, "Table '<TableName>' does not exist"

DBISAM Error 10010, "Table '<TableName>' does not exist"

This error indicates that the named table does not exist.  There are several possibilities that can cause this error to occur.  

1. Atrex is no longer pointed to the correct data location.  To correct this, use the "Options - Locations - Data Location" function to redirect Atrex tot he correct location.

2. The Atrex data location has been pointed to an empty directory or the database files have been deleted.  If Atrex is pointing to the correct data location, you will need to restore from a backup as the database tables are no longer present.  If it is pointing to a new data location, run the "Options - Batch Processing" function to create the missing tables.

3. You are attempting to run a SQL query that references a table that does not exist.  Check the query to ensure that the table names entered are correct.

4. A required .BLB file has been deleted.  The only correction for this situation at this time is to restore from a recent backup.

(Applies to Atrex 11 and 12)