Error: DBISAM Error 11280, "A connection to the database server at '<RemoteName>' cannot be established"

DBISAM Error 11280, "A connection to the database server at '<RemoteName>' cannot be established"

This error indicates that the workstation is not communicating with the
server.  The starting point is to check your network connections to ensure that your system can "see" the server computer. If the workstation can "see" the server, verify that the DBISAM database server is running. If a firewall is currently running, it may be preventing a connection on the ports used by
the database engine. Make sure that port 12005 and 12006 are open and available for use, or disable the firewall and retest the connection.

These are network ports and may depend on your network security and the
operating system on your server or workstation.  If the problem is restricted to one workstation, then you can focus on issues related to that workstation.  Here are a few ideas to try and you may want to contact you network support person:

1. Ensure that port forwarding is enabled at the router.

2. Ensure that port forwarding points to the server system.

3. Ensure that firewalls on either the workstation or the server are not blocking the ports or Atrex.

4. If there are periodic connection issues, ensure that the IP address on
the workstation and the server are static.

5. Check for typos in the setup on the server and the workstation.

6. Ensure that either a remote host IP or name, and not both, is specified in the workstation setup.

To understand the correct way to set the client/server connection, you can
view the following video tutorial:

You can also use Telnet, which is included with Windows, to test the connection.  This eliminates Atrex from the workstation side entirely so that if Telnet can connect on 12005 but Atrex cannot, there is a firewall blocking Atrex and not just a routing issue.

If you need additional assistance, one of our technicians can diagnose the network issue if you want.  Please be aware that network support and diagnostics are not included with the standard Atrex support.

(Applies to Atrex 11 and 12)