Error: DBISAM Error 9217, "Error reading from the table '<TableName>'"

DBISAM Error 9217, "Error reading from the table '<TableName>'"
This error occurs when Atrex attempts to read from a table and cannot do so as expected. This error can indicate either corruption in the table specified, a hardware failure such as the network cable being unplugged, a bad sector on the server hard drive, or loss of connection to the server.
Restart Atrex and determine if the program can read from other tables in the database. If it can, run the Batch Processing with the "Repair Tables" option selected. If it cannot read from other tables, check the network and/or hard drive on which the data is stored.  If the Batch Process cannot proceed, restore your data from your most current backup.
There are no known issues within the Atrex package itself that can cause this error.  In most cases, the source of the error is external applications such as anti-virus or anti-spyware programs either interfearing with the Atrex package or direct manipulation of the data files.  The first step that should be taken to reduce the possibilities of this occuring is to ensure that your anti-viral software is not scanning your data and central folders, which by default are located in C:\Program Files\Atrex\Shared Data.  Depending on your anti-viral software, you may be able to exclude the file types *.blb, *.dat, and *.idx which are the extensions for the files that contain your data.
(Applies to Atrex 11 and 12)