Error: Error $2503, "Insufficient disk space".

Error $2503,  "Insufficient disk space" is displayed when attempting to save a trandsaction, add a new data record, or when running the batch processing functions.

 This is a known bug in the database engine used in Atrex 10 and older.  As it was developed before the huge drives that are now commonly available, it will see any exact multiple of 4GB free space as a full drive.  You can temporarily work around this problem by adding some files to the drive where the data is to push the free space below a multiple of 4GB or clean off the drive to free up some additional space to move it above a 4GB multiple. 

A long term solution is to upgrade to a current version of Atrex (or higher) which uses a newer database engine which can correctly determine the free space of multi GB hard drives.

 (Applies to Atrex 10 and older)