Error: Error 717, "Error in file <filename>

Error 717, "Error in file <filename>: Failed to load database information." when printing.

Crystal Reports 9 has been installed on the system with the printing issue, but the database driver required to access the Atrex data files was not selected as part of the installation.

Reinstall the Crystal Reports 9 product and select the BDE driver as one of the additional database driver options to install.

If you have not purchased and installed the Crystal Reports 9 product, then another software package that you use has installed the Crystal Reports 9 runtime components.  In order to get Atrex to run properly, you will need to rename the CRPE32.DLL in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\2.0\Bin directory to CRPE32.OLD.  Unfortunately this may render the other software package that installed the CR9 runtime components unable to print.

Please note that the Atrex product never shipped with or officially supported the use of Crystal Reports 9. 

(Applies to Atrex 10 and older)