Client/Server Upgrade Instructions from Atrex v13+ to Atrex 20

The following are instructions for upgrading your Atrex installation to Atrex 20 if you are using a Client / Server connection to the data.
***Before you begin make sure these are the instructions you need.  Open Atrex and look in the lower left-hand corner.  If it says Client/Server continue with these instructions.  If it says Direct click here for the peer-to-peer instructions.***
The install files needed for steps 3, 4, and 7 as well as your registration key (step 6) can be obtained from the Client Center.
  1. Make 2 separate backups of your Atrex data, one to the hard drive and one to some type of removable media.  This can be done from inside Atrex under Options - Backup/Restore - Backup.
  2. Close Atrex on all computers.  In addition, all programs that access the Atrex data need to be closed, including the eCommerce import/export utilities if those are in use.
  3. Install the Atrex 20 Database Server on the server computer.
  4. On the first computer, install Atrex 20 directly over top of your previous Atrex installation.
  5. Start Atrex and when prompted, start the data conversion.   Allow the data conversion to complete before continuing further.  Make sure Atrex is NOT started on any other systems until the conversion is complete.
  6. If upgrading from Atrex 15 or older, enter your Atrex 20 registration key under Options – Enter Registration Information.   If upgrading from Atrex 16 or newer, it will use your existing registration key.
  7. Install Atrex 20 on the remaining computers.
If you are upgrading from Atrex 13, you will need to make some change to the email settings in Atrex.   In Atrex 13 and older the email setup was entered on each workstation.  This is no longer the case in Atrex 20.  There’s now a global email configuration as well as individual user configurations.  If you were previously using MAPI to send email from inside Atrex, or if you weren’t sending email from inside Atrex, no changes are necessary.  If you were using SMTP to send email from inside Atrex your email configuration must be re-entered.  Enter the global configuration under Options – Company Setup / Customization – Company Information and Settings – Email tab.  Optionally, enter individual user configurations under User – Edit User/Group.