Indirect upgrade to Atrex 22

Atrex was designed to make upgrading from earlier versions as easy as possible, by simply installing over top of the existing installation of the older version and then allowing Atrex itself to perform the data conversion.  But when upgrading and moving to a new system, it may not be possible to do an upgrade over an older version.  The following are the steps required to move data from an older version into a clean installation of Atrex 22 without having to install the older version first.

If you are running Atrex 13 or newer, simply make a backup from within Atrex and restore it into Atrex 22 on the new system.  If you are Running Atrex 12 or older, use the following steps.

  1. With Windows explorer, locate the data folder that the older version of Atrex is pointing to.  If you do not know where your data is located and are running Atrex 10 or older, or versions 11 or 12 with a direct connection, the data path will be displayed in the "Options - System Information" function.   If you are running a client/server connection with version 11 or 12, you will need to open up the database administrator to determine the path to the data folder.
  2. Select all of the files in the data folder, excluding any folders.
  3. Right click on one of the selected files and select "Send To - Compressed Folder".   This will create a single compressed file that contains all of the selected files.  The file will be named the first file selected and will be given a file extension of .ZIP.
  4. Locate the newly created zip file.  Copy this file to the new computer either through your network or using a USB flash drive.
  5. On the new system, close Atrex if it is open.
  6. With Windows explorer, locate the data folder where Atrex is pointing to.  By default, this is in the \Program Files\Atrex\Shared\Data folder.
  7. Empty out the contents of this folder.
  8. Locate the ZIP file that contains the older version data, right click on it and select "Open" from the popup menu.
  9. Copy the contents of the ZIP file to the new data folder.
  10. Start Atrex 22.  When prompted for the conversion, allow it to start.  When the conversion is complete, Atrex will restart with all of your data from the older version.