Upgrade FAQ

This article answers the questions and concerns we hear most often from users nervous or unsure about upgrading.
 Where can I see the list of changes in Atrex 22?
The Atrex 22 change list can be found here.  Links to previous change lists can be found at the bottom of the list.
There are a lot of changes between Atrex 22 and the version I’m using. will I have to relearn how to use Atrex?
The change list can be intimidating for some.  Atrex is a business program and as such we try not to change it so much that people will have to relearn how to use it.  Obviously you’ll need to learn how to use brand-new functionality should you want to, but we try to keep the basic functionality as similar to previous versions as possible.  Depending on how old your Atrex is you’ll notice new menus and new functions under the menus and many windows may be larger to accommodate new fields and tabs.  Occasionally a function might flow slightly differently, but you shouldn't feel lost.
What about my data?
We treat data like it's irreplaceable, because it is.  Atrex 22 has functionality to convert data from all previous versions of Atrex.  All of your existing data, with one major exception, will move forward to Atrex 22 during the conversion process.  The exception is credit card CVV (Card Validation Value) information.  While older versions of Atrex stored this information, it is now against the PCI compliance rules to store this information in any form so it is dropped during the conversion process.
And because data is irreplaceable, always make at least two backups of your data first and follow the upgrade instructions provided.
How long does it take to upgrade?
The average time is less than an hour.  First, Atrex needs to be downloaded and installed.  How long this takes depends on the speed of your Internet access and your computer.  For most, this only takes a few minutes.  Next, the data has to be converted.  The time it takes to convert your data depends on how much data you have, how fast your computer is, and how fast it can access the data.  The average database conversion is about 20 minutes.  So, plan on upgrading at a time when you won’t need to use Atrex for about an hour.
Can I get help?  Do I need to have my computer tech do this?
Generally, if you’re simply upgrading and not switching computers most users can do this on their own.  Your Atrex subscription purchase includes standard support, including upgrade assistance should you need it.  If you’re switching to a new computer you might need help from your computer tech, especially if you’re running Atrex on a network.
Do I have to install all of the versions between my version and Atrex 22?
No, you can simply install Atrex 22 over top of the version you’re currently running.
I’m switching computers and my old version of Atrex won’t install on my new version of Windows can I still upgrade?
Yes.  Simply install Atrex 22 on the new computer (you do not need to install any of the previous versions first).  Atrex 22 can directly restore backups made in Atrex 13 through 20.  If you’re upgrading from Atrex 12 or older, please contact us for instructions on how to get your data into Atrex 22.
Will my custom reports still work?
First an explanation of what is a custom report.  A custom report is a printout in Atrex that was changed to print differently than the standard report included in Atrex.  For example, adding a logo to the invoice format.  In Atrex 10 and older a third-party product called Crystal Reports was required to make such changes.  Beginning with Atrex 11 a Report Designer has been included with Atrex to make such changes.
Atrex 10 and Older:  There is no way to convert custom reports created for Atrex 10 and older.  Any report customization will have to be redone from scratch using the built-in Report Designer in Atrex 22.  Again, this only applies to customized reports as all standard reports are included in Atrex 22.
Atrex 11, 12 and 13:  Atrex 22 defaults to using compatibility mode to accommodate reports customized in versions 11-13.  The only time these reports need to be converted is if compatibility mode is slow in your environment or if you want to make additional changes to the reports.  In some cases simply opening the report in the Report Designer, making a change and saving the report is enough to convert it.  In other cases the conversion process is more complicated.  The following Knowledge Base article provides more information: http://support.1000years.com/kb/a11/updating-report-templates-for-use-with-atrex-14.aspx
Atrex 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20:  Custom reports created in Atrex 14 and newer will work with Atrex 22 without any required modification.
What is the Client Center?
Atrex is delivered electronically (nothing is shipped) through the Client Center on our website.  Unlike CDs that get damaged or misplaced the Client Center will always have the download for the version of Atrex you're using as well as your current subscription registration key.
What if I don’t have Internet access on my Atrex computer?
As long as you have access to the Internet on another computer and a flash drive this isn't a problem.  Simply log in to the Client Center and download Atrex to your flash drive and print your registration key.  Then install Atrex 22 on your Atrex computer from the flash drive.
What if I upgrade and decide I don’t like Atrex 22?
If this is a concern for you we recommend you test Atrex on a separate standalone computer (like, a laptop or home computer) before you install the upgrade.  The data conversion is one way, so once your database is converted, there is no way to switch the database back to an older version short of restoring from a backup taken prior to the upgrade.
Have the system requirements changed for Atrex 22?
Only slightly in that it requires a little more hard drive space to install.  The full requirements for Atrex 22 are:

  • 64bit Windows 10, 11, 2012, or Newer*
  • 160 Meg hard drive space
  • 500MB Free RAM after loading OS
  • Mid Range (or better) Dual Core CPU is recommended
  • Inkjet or Laserjet Printer Recommended
  • Screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher
* Atrex 22 will currently run on Windows 7 and 8, but there are some known minor issues with components and images not displaying correctly.  Please note that support for Windows 7 or 8 may be discontinued without notice.