Unexpected reorder quantities or items not appearing on reorder report

Inventory items appear on the reorder report based upon a simple set of rules.
  1. The available quantity for the item, adjusted to take into consideration quantities already on order, must be less than the specified minimum quantity for the item.  The calculation for this is  (OnHand - Allocated + OnOrder - OnRma) < Minimum').
  2. The item must not be a container.
  3. The item must not be Non-Depleting.
  4. The item must not be Discontinued.
If any of the above conditions are not met, the item will not be included on the inventory reorder report.
If you suspect that an item should be on the inventory reorder report, but is not, here are steps to determine why the item is not on the reorder report
  1. Run the batch processing with the validation options selected and then re-run the inventory reorder report.  Information about the calculated values being out of sync is available at http://support.1000years.com/kb/a26/incorrect-unexpected-allocated-on-order-rma-quantities_.aspx 
  2. Edit the inventory item and verify that the item is not a container, and that the Non-Depleting and Discontinued flags are not checked.
  3. Open the stock code selection window and highlight the item in question.  The bottom section of the window will contain the Available quantity (OnHand - Allocated - OnRma) and the On-Order quantity.  Add the Available and On-Order quantities together to get your adjusted available quantity.  That should be less than the minimum quantity specified on the stock code information window.
If you have verified all of the items above and are still not seeing items that you expect on the inventory reorder report, please contact our support department.