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Question asked by info - 5/26/2015 at 10:56 AM
I have a customer's account that's a little weird and I can't figure out where the transaction is.
this particular acccount:
Accounts -> Receivable -> customer balance: $-81.75
Accounts -> Receivable -> Post Unposted: it shows Amount $1000 with $221.75 remaining.
No other open transactions or any other balance. 
I'm a bit confused by this.. shouldn't the amount match?  if the unposted amoutn has $221.75 left, the customer balance shoud have a negative $221.75 ?
unlss there is other open balance or orders that the customer owe? if so, how can I find it?
BTW, i'm using Atrex 12

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Mark Culos Replied
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If you wish to investigate the account, print the entire account history and work through each line item.  This may or may not get you the answer to your question.
If you instead wish to correct the balance, you can use the Reset Account function to set the value accordingly.

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