How to create a column for subtotal plus the tax in Atrex 15 daily sales overview?
Question asked by Aziz Ranzoorpal - 7/2/2015 at 4:10 PM
Hi everyone
On the daily sales overview report, it shows the subtotal and tax on two different columns. I need another column that will have a header, add the subtotal and tax together for each sale and then have the sum of it on the summary in the bottom on daily sales report. How do I do this? I tried the Db calculator but can't seem to get the correct results. I get zeros for all the whole column.
Thanks for your help

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Terry Swiers Replied
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There are two ways to do this.

The first is to is let the database engine calculate a new field that combines the two fields and then report on that.  On the data tab, add a new field to the calc tab that adds the subtotal and tax amounts.  Then on the report side, you can add a label to the header, DBText to print the combined amount for each transaction, and then a DBCalc that does a sum of the new field at the bottom.
The other option is to add a label to the header, a variable in the detail section that adds the SubTotal and the Tax amounts from the table, and then another variable in the footer that adds the values from the TotalSubtotal and the DBCalc8 (which prints the total tax) DBCalc fields.
Aziz Ranzoorpal Replied
I tried the second option but it did not work.
How do you add a variable to the detail section that will sum the two? Do you have to modify it in a special way. Same thing with the footer. Is it a similar variable as the one in the detail section or different kind of variable. Thanks for your help.
Terry Swiers Replied
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If you don't know how to add objects to the report, I would suggest that you start with the examples in the help file, as you will need to learn the basics of the report designer first.

Open the report designer and press the F1 key. Make sure the "Contents" tab of the help file is selected and look for the entry that says "Developing Reports - Learning By Example". This will take you through the steps for creating a fully functional report. Working through all 5 examples will give you all of the skills that you need to create or modify basic reports such as adding objects, formatting, and creating variables.

Beyond that, you can take a look at the advanced report designer tutorial, specifically http://www.atrex.com/vids/atrex12/advancedreporting/?movie=8 a little over 2 minutes into that section. It shows how the "Net" column is calculated for each transaction line from multiple fields in the data query. Then a little further, it shows how the grand total of the Net column was created by taking the value of two of the DBCalcs and adding them together.

James Hubbard Replied
Great gem on finding the "Learning by Example" section in the help!

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