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Idea shared by Keith - February 5, 2016 at 3:57 PM
Under Consideration
With Mercury raising their rates, again, I need a box that can be check to include a surcharge to invoices paid with a credit card. To expect the counter sales person to add it in at the counter at the time of payment collection is like paying yourself a Christmas bonus out of your own wallet, it ain't going to happen.  Part of the reason I've been looking to get better rates from my bank.  I know most of the cost's are fixed and can't be changed.  It's killing my profits on credit card purchases. Since a lot of my charges are small tickets.  And when it's over a thousand, when you add up all the fees it's right at 10%. That usually means a loss on the sale. 

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Terry Swiers Replied
February 8, 2016 at 2:51 PM
Employee Post
I'll add this to the suggestion list, but there are several problems with this. The first is that the transaction total is calculated before the payment window. So unless you knew up front that the customer was going to pay by credit card and indicated as such before you got to the payment window, which would result in the automatic entry of the amount in the payment field to be the total of the transaction without the surcharge. The second is split payments. If they pay a portion with a credit card and a portion with another payment method, applying the surcharge to the total amount would cause you to add too much of a surcharge. And since you can't know the split for credit cards before they are processed. The third is that EMV changes everything. With EMV card present processing, the customer can potentially choose (and/or change) the payment type from the terminal. So you may start a charge as a debit and the customer selects to process it as a credit, or you start it as a credit and the customer selects debit. So you could end up charging a customer a surcharge when they shouldn't get one, or not charging when they should.
Keith Replied
February 8, 2016 at 3:10 PM
My vision, when payment windows is opened and the credit card is selected, the credit card button applies the surcharge.  Granted, a "SIGN", indicating the surcharge and or customer notification at time of check out is needed.  Shouldn't be a problem to place the surcharge in with the credit card selection button, since it carries the balance over from the invoice to the balance due window.  I know, lots of code to implement, reports to change.  MORE COFFEE.   RAGE.......

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