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Question asked by Frank B Austin - 11/2/2021 at 8:26 PM
We are running windows 10 on a server and have 12 users. Is there a way to eliminate parts of windows that is not needed? Is there a way to ensure it does not do any updating unless at a designated time? We have periods where Atrex slows and Server is fully loaded for some reason we cannot figure out. Happens once or twice a month it seems.

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Terry Swiers Replied
Employee Post
Performance issues like this are difficult to track down when they are not reproducible.  When this happens, has anyone opened up Windows Resource Monitor to see what processes are using significant amounts of CPU or accessing the drive heavily?   I know that a system downloading Windows updates can perform slowly during the downloads, and Chrome does a periodic scan all of the system and can chew up system resources.

And if you are not seeing anything on the server using CPU or the drive, it's a possibility that there is something causing network performance to drop, which will appear as if Atrex is slow when the actual cause is simply getting the data back and forth from the server.

Without seeing the system while the problem is occurring, I don't have enough information to make anything other than stabs in the dark on the possible cause.

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