Idea shared by Art Crowley - 3/17/2022 at 12:45 PM
Under Consideration
Currently, when searching inventory, you enter the stockcode.  As you type, Atrex populates the window with available items until you reach your selection.  Our problem is our customers don't give us our stockcodes.  They give us either the vender part number, edp number or just a description.  I know we can go into the filter and select different categories to search, but more often than not, we are going back and forth into the filter until we find the product. 

We would like to have the ability to search multiple categories at the same time, hence Global Search.

For example:

Stockcode    Model        Description
CNMG432    290394    MITSUBISHI CNMG432 UC5115

If we had the ability to search stockcode, model and description at the same time without having to go into the filter, we could type any of the information above and Atrex would populate the window as we type to get the item we are looking for. 

One of our venders do this on their website. We can start typing the edp number or the description and the products populates the window.

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Terry Swiers Replied
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I'll drop this on the suggestion/investigation list.  There are some potential problems with this with regards to user defined field sizes, as well as potential performance issues.  Depending on what the investigation shows, it's something that would benefit a large number of users.

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