Track assembly inventory without affecting reorder reports
Idea shared by Jason Davidson - 9/26/2022 at 4:19 PM
In short: The inventory reorder report should account for built assembly parts.

An example:
Lets say we have a brown box we order from a vendor. 
We also sell a modified version of this brown box hand-painted green by us.
Customers can buy both stock (brown) and modified (green) versions from us.
It's the same part.  It's the same SKU. One is simply modified.

To get ahead of sales, we paint about 1/3 of our brown boxes green ahead of time.  Before a sale has occurred.

One solution
Using Atrex assemblies would allow us to create a green version of our brown box.  We paint a box, we build the assembly.  Now, Atrex reports quantities for each. Our box painters can see how many of each type exists, so they can plan accordingly.  For example: paint 10 brown boxes green, and now query Atrex and see 10 brown and 10 green boxes.  Our box painters can move on to other tasks.

This affects reorder quantities
However, if we run a reorder report for our brown box it isn't looking at the number of assembled green boxes as well.  And so our reorder report thinks we need more brown boxes - in reality the reorder should be counting BOTH.

Now apply this situation to many more products and many more variations.  To top everything off, we operate out of different facilities - so the box painters can't just look to see what they need to paint.  

We need Atrex to be able to both keep track of variations of a product while not changing the quantity needed on reorder reports.  If we have 20 boxes, 10 of which are modified, our reorder levels should not change!  We still have enough TOTAL boxes.

If there is a solution to this problem I'm not seeing - please let me know!

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Terry Swiers Replied
Employee Post
Assemblies are not purchased, they are built from your.   Set your desired minimum and target quantities for the "Green" box and then use the "Reports - Inventory - Build List" report to show you want you need to build.   As the green boxes are built, they will deplete the brown box which will put the brown item back on the reorder report.

But regardless, if you want to keep track of how many brown, green, blue, etc....  boxes that you have on hand, they MUST be different SKUs.   

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