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Question asked by Gershon Wisdom Nandom - 1/27/2023 at 7:52 AM
How can someone view sales reports of cash, transfer and POS separately ? 

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Terry Swiers Replied
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Sorry for the delay in responding.  Another tech indicated that they had responded, but the reply didn't get saved.

I assume based upon the way the question was asked that you are using invoices for all three functions.  If you do this, you can use the "Rapid Invoice" function to handle all of the "Cash" sales.  You can then print reports for just those cash sales by using the "Rapid Sale" customer for both the beginning and ending customer names to limit the results to those sales.  For Transfer, you can create a specific customer to use just for the transfers, and again use that customer name for the beginning and ending ranges.   Then everything else will be your POS sales.

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