Error opening COM port for Pole Display
Question asked by info - May 8 at 1:43 PM
We just instaled a Pole display for Atrex 15 .. everything was working fine with windows 7,, however we changed our computer and it's now windows 10,. i'm getting an error:
Error opening COM port for Pole Display
Error Number: 2 .
I have tried with different versions of the Pole drivers, the utility they provide is able to see and display the test numbers.. atrex cannot connect to the com port, anything else i can do? 
pole display is XP8200U 
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Terry Swiers Replied
May 8 at 2:19 PM
Employee Post
I can see that there is a bug in the pole display configuration function which could cause that error message.  I'll make sure that this is fixed for the Atrex update that is going out later today.    So you might want to try 18.20 when it's available to see if it resolves the issue for you.

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