Idea shared by Art Crowley - 10/10/2019 at 4:41 PM
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On the ‘Stock Code Information’ page, there is a ‘Reminder’ box.  When you enter information in this box, and then enter this item on an order, a reminder box pops up with your reminder and asks if you want to continue with this item. We use this feature for several different purposes.


Could this feature be added to the transfer module?  We would like for the reminder box to pop up when entering items for transfer.


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Mark Culos Replied
Employee Post
Yes it could be added to transfer transactions and the question is whether or not it should be.
The function was designed and implemented specifically for sales and service transactions as a way of communicating sales related information.  The pop-up does not display on other transaction types such as purchase orders and RMAs.
So if it is added to transfer transactions, does it also get included in those other transaction types?
It has been added to the suggestion list and we will elicit feedback from the Atrex community.
I understand about what transactions are included with the reminder.  For us, transfers are close to the same as orders for us.  It would be very helpful to see these reminders on the transfer for the same reason we see them on order and service transactions.

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