Has anyone set up Atrex as an App as a service?
Question asked by Greg Facer - 10/26/2021 at 7:50 PM
I have been running my atrex 12 system for a looooong time and have been looking at upgrading our IT in general. Upgrading to Atrex as a subscription is probably at the top of the list although not a certainty at this point. One of the pros of course is that we have been using for 20 years and any new version would be easier to adapt to than a entirely new program.

However, if I have to go to a subscription point of sale software, then I might try to go all-in and move to virtual desktops or using Atrex as a served app using similar tech. Anyone tried such a approach?

We use a server and remote desktops now which has served us well, but virtual is better protection against fire/flood/cyber threats and I'm not getting more tech savy as I get older.

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Mark Culos Replied
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I assume that you are referencing the Windows RemoteApp functionality.  If so and as you are familiar with remote desktops, you will experience no surprises running Atrex in this manner.

Once you build the RemoteApp on your server and install on your workstations, Windows employs the same connection method  across your network (LAN or WAN).  From a user's perspective, when Atrex is started on the workstation, they are prompted for their Windows credentials the first time and if you allow those to be saved, they will only see the Windows remote dialogue until Atrex starts on the server.

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