Cloning Stockcode - 'Post to Web' Information
Idea shared by Art Crowley - 12/5/2017 at 1:45 PM
We have found that when you clone a stockcode, Atrex transfers the 'Post to Web' if it had been checked on the cloned item.  Sometimes the person that cloned the item over looks this and does not remove the check box.  This has created several items posted to our web site that was not ready or we did not want it on our website.
Can the 'Post to Web' box not be included when cloning items?  We would rather have to select this option rather than it to be transferred from the item being cloned.

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Mark Culos Replied
Employee Post
Almost every field on the Stock Code Information window could be questioned as whether or not it should be part of the information that is cloned.  As this is a per user preference, it is difficult to make a modification to Atrex that while satisfying someone, will cause an issue for someone else.
While the function will not be modified as requested, a suggestion has been added to the list to provide the ability for users to customize the fields included when cloning.  No time line has been attached to when this might be implemented as this always depends upon the number or requests we receive for a modification.

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