Add a print button to the Stock Code Information/Edit Screen
Idea shared by Richard Mast - 12/18/2020 at 1:07 PM
Under Consideration
The powerful filtering capability of the Stock Code Information/Edit screen would be very nicely complimented if we could print the results of our filters for further action.  For example I can filter for all items that do not have the Non-Stock Flag, but have not been sold since a date 2 years ago, then I can print the list and hand it to a warehouse clerk and have the items flagged to be pulled for return or clearance sale.

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Mark Culos Replied
Employee Post

This is a great suggestion, but unfortunately it is not possible to print directly from the window and apply the selection criteria that you have specified.  Based upon your suggestion, I have added a request to investigate some other possibilities to provide more powerful inventory reporting criteria.

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