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Idea shared by Art Crowley - 1/31/2017 at 12:59 PM
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We have 2 venders that are willing to consign their inventory into our warehouse.  I have not found anything in Atrex that addresses consigned inventory.  If there is, please let me know. 


This is what we need:


Stock Code Information Page.

We need something that would work similar to the ‘Non-Stock’ box on the ‘Stock Code Information’ page.  But, when checking the ‘Non-Stock’, Atrex sets the min/max values to zero and they cannot be changed.  We do not want that.  We would like a check box for ‘Consignment’.  We still need the min/max values for the ‘Consignment’ to work.  So when we sell consigned inventory, Atrex will still tell us how many of an item to order for replacement.



When we go to Reports–Inventory-Selective Stock, we would like a check box for ‘Exclude Consigned Items’.  By checking this box, we would get the value of our inventory and it would exclude any consigned inventory.


Let me know if you think this is possible.  I think this would be a good addition to Atrex.

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Mark Culos Replied
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There is no specific functionality for consignment and there really is no requirement for anything other than what is already present.
The only difference is from a reporting perspective and the easy way is to do this with the standard reports is to select the most appropriate field available from the report criteria (e.g., Manufacturer, Category) so that you can limit the reporting as required.  If you select a value or values at the end of the range of used values (e.g., ZZCONSIGNMENT VEN1), your process is simplified greatly.
The route that I would select is to go with custom reports and possibly modified standard reports as that allows you add a new custom field to indicate a consignment stock code.  More work to start with, but it allows you to only differentiate between consignment and regular inventory only where necessary.
The specific functionality is:
  1. To easily determine what inventory is ours and what inventory is the venders.
  2. What and how many to order from a 'Batch Creation'.
  3. Easy reporting of inventory value without running multiple reports and still not having 1 true inventory value report. 
'Stock code Information' page:
  1. We can't use the basic stock code for consigned inventory because it adds value to our inventory that isn't ours.
  2. We can't use the 'Non-Stock' option because it eliminates the Min/Max function.  We have to have this function to write PO's for consigned items we have sold.  Without the min/max, the items will not appear in the 'Batch Creation'. 
  1.  We need to be able to produce an inventory value report by omitting consigned items, just like the 'Exclude Non-Stock items'. 
I see two ways for a fix. 
  1. Create a 'Consignment" option in the stock code that works just like the 'Non-Stock' item, except the Min/Max function works.
  2. Activate the 'Min/Max' function for the 'Non-Stock' item.
For us, an Atrex user since 2001 and with 8 user license, consignment functionality is very important to us!
Mark Culos Replied
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Your fix item 1 has been added to the suggestion list.

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